Our Team

Mushtaq H. Dawood


Mr. Dawood has a wealth of expertise working as a consulting engineer and is a senior business partner with Mushtaq and Bilal consulting engineers. After receiving his degree in 1965, he worked for the first 10 years of his career for international consulting engineering companies like Cohen-Barreto-Marchartas Inc. of the USA and Frederic R. Harris Inc. of Canada. Mr. Dawood has worked on numerous projects involving the structural design of buildings, bridges, highways, and maritime constructions as one of the principals of Mushtaq and Bilal since 1975. He has also been in charge of vetting and reviewing numerous technical tasks, as well as creating feasibility studies. Mr. Dawood’s versatility as a consultant engineer is illustrated by the fact that he has experience in both structural repair and historic building conservation.

Muhammad Najam Bilal


M. Najam Bilal, P.E., has been a business partner of Mushtaq and Bilal consulting engineers since 1965 and has a wealth of expertise in the industry. He has a solid experience in planning and structural design, with a concentration on factories, bridges, roads, and residential and commercial structures. Additionally, Mr. Bilal has overseen industrial and heavy construction projects, contributing knowledge in contract preparation and management, tracking project progress, ensuring product quality, and liaising with various stakeholders like government organizations, regional and international consultants, and co ntractors. He is a priceless asset to the company because of his broad range of abilities and knowledge.

Muhammad Anis Bilal


As a Senior Structural Engineer with extensive experience in designing various types of structures produced usin g R.C.C., structural steel, pre – cast, load – bearing, and pre – stressed concrete, Muhammad Anis is a highly skilled business partner of Mushtaq and Bilal consulting engineers. He has contributed to the inspection and design of high – rise residential and commer cial structures, industrial buildings, factories, hotels, schools, houses, hospitals, water tanks, reservoirs, sheds, sign towers, bridges, shells, and other structures throughout Pakistan, Abu Dhabi, and Saudi Arabia. He is a significant component of the Mushtaq and Bilal consulting engineers team due to his in – depth understanding of structural engineering and his capacity to create structures that are tailored to the specific requirements of clients.

Tehzeeb Ali Abbasi

Lead Architect

She has more than 20 years of experience in project planning, design, execution, and coordination with multidisciplinary teams. a thorough understanding of building codes and other regulatory frameworks pertaining to the built environment. Exceptional skill in client service, contract negotiations, pre – design document creation, exterior and interior design, theme selection and material selection, cost estimation and budget creation, project performance tracking, and team dynamics monitoring. She has a plethora of profe ssional knowledge from her time spent with renowned consulting firms in Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates.

Amber Parveen

Sr. Design Engineer

Another important team memberAmber Parveen, a Senior Design Engineer with over 20 years ofstructural engineering expertise. She has establishedherselfas a dependable business veteran becauseof her long professional background and remarkable abilities. She maintains the highest levels of safety,durability, and efficiency while excelling in complex structural design, cutting-edge technology, andsustainable practices.Herability to work collaboratively and effectively communicate with others makesit possible for multidisciplinary teams to coordinate seamlessly, which guarantees the completion ofsuccessful projects. By integrating cutting-edge approaches and providing solutions that go above andbeyond expectations, she continues to be at the forefront of the most recent developments in the area.With Amber Parveen as a member of our team, we can confidently deliver outstanding service andcustomized solutions to our esteemed clients.

Noman Ahmed

Sr. Structural Design Engineer

We proudly introduceNoman Ahmed, our Senior Structural Engineer with over 15 years of industryexperience. With a strong commitment to excellence,Nomanexcels in complex structural design,sustainable practices, and cutting-edge technologies.Hepossesses an exceptional eye for detail and anunwavering dedication to upholding the highest standards of professionalism.Hiscollaborative natureand effective communication skills facilitate seamless coordination among multidisciplinary teams.Continuously staying updated with emerging trends and advancements,Nomanensures innovativesolutions that surpass client expectations. WithNoman Ahmedas an integral part of our team, weconfidently tackle intricate engineering challenges, providing exceptional service and tailored solutionsto our valued clients.